Group Rehabilitation Programs

The benefits of group programs.

Group therapy is well known to be highly effective in achieving rehabilitation outcomes. Participants gain valuable knowledge by learning from their peers and have the opportunity to make connections with like-minded individuals. Memory Matters recognizes the importance of group training and offers a range of programs.

Problem-solving and Communication Training

In this group, participates learn how to improve their problem solving and communication skills to improve their relationships and functioning in everyday life. By working with others and sharing experiences you will gain valuable skills and have opportunities to practice what you have learned.

Stress Management and Mindfulness Training

The focus of this group is to support participants to develop mechanisms for dealing with everyday stress and coping with difficult and painful thoughts, feelings and sensations. Participants will be provided with education in how to identify early signs of stress and taught strategies to help lead a more relaxed and settled life.

Do I have to travel long distances to get to your groups?

We will be running our groups in a number of suburbs around Melbourne. If you are interested in a group, contact us to discuss where groups are currently planned or go onto the waitlist to participate in the next group run in your local area.