Paediatric Services

Assessment Services

At Memory Matters we have dedicated paediatric neuropsychologists who have expertise in the assessment of childhood brain injuries. The neuropsychologist can assess your child to determine how the injury has affected his or her thinking and behaviour and provide support to manage any changes.

Rehabilitation Services

Our neuropsychologists provide individualized rehabilitation support to meet the needs of your child and the family.  We work with you throughout the entire rehabilitation process including the transition from hospital to home and back to kinder or school.

Support to return to kinder or school

Your child’s return to kinder or school after a brain injury can be an exciting but also daunting experience.  It is good to see them returning to their usual activities but the uncertainty about how they will cope can be worrying.  We support a smooth transition to kinder or school by ensuring teachers are well informed of your child’s difficulties and are provided with support to develop processes to best meet their needs.

Supporting families

Witnessing your child go through a brain injury is a terrifying experience.  Rehabilitation can be an emotional rollercoaster and uncertainty about the future can be frightening.  We recognize that a brain injury doesn’t just affect the child but the entire family and that supporting the family is an important part of the rehabilitation process.